It is safe to say that almost everyone is well aware of Singapore and that it is one of the best cities in the world. It is the ultimate shopping destination and also a great place for business ventures. With the busiest airport around, it is quite self-explanatory that it is a well-visited tourist hub. So, this enchanting land is studded with possibilities and such possibilities have endless facts. So, hold tight and brace yourself for the 5 Facts about Betting Singapore That Will Blow Your Mind. This is a well-assorted list of facts amongst many which has been picked up selectively for those who wish to get an insight into this world. So, here, have a look at them:

The 5 Facts about Betting Singapore That Will Blow Your Mind are cited down below:

  1. It is legal as of yet
    Online gambling was outlawed in Singapore in the year 2014 but was made legal for the local operators of Singapore pools and turf clubs in 2016.  A small note, if you are not betting with Singapore Turf Clubs or Pools, then it may be illegal. So the best way to enjoy it safely is through the various online portals where you can bet anonymously and have fun throughout the cricket/football season and bet all you want

  2. Gambling is quite famous here
    A survey has disclosed that more than half of the residents of Singapore are gamblers and most of them are aged 18 or above. In some cases, residents have also shown signs of gambling addiction. This extensive survey was conducted in the year 2005 under the Ministry of community development. The survey has provided further estimations stating that on an average a Singaporean gambler wagers $244 per month.

  3. Superstitions and gambling
    A report shows that gambling fanatics in Singapore tend to believe in superstitious practices to win. This practice has gone even to the extent that gamblers have bet on their dead parent’s tombstone and apparently trumped the bet. Is it just a coincidence or a sheer amount of luck? This mystery is yet to be unraveled.

  4. Singaporeans are the second biggest gamblers in the world
    A British stat report shows that an average adult resident here loses around 680 pounds which is a decreased rate since the amount was about 822 pounds in its previous year. A collective summation of the losses incurred in gambling by Singapore along with losses by visitors/ tourists amounted to around $9.9 million. It perhaps is the only country where one can get a realistic assessment of what these gamblers are gambling on. But this only means there are thousands of other gamblers who won this amount and had too much fun!

  5. Impacts of Casinos on Singapore
    The government-imposed entry levy of RM250 for a year on the Singaporeans to discourage them from visitingcasinos. But it has apparently worked to be a failure since the locals made up about 30 percent of the cumulative gamblers in the casino in 2012. But the negative aspects of casinos are under the supervision of the regulation as per government statements. So don’t worry, just go out there and have fun with online betting!