Lotto, one of the most popular and loved betting game throughout the world. Everyone loves Lotto for one reason and that is the aspect of uncertainty. This game has an amazing fan base and you might have played this for fun in your childhood with your friends. But, if you have a knack for betting, then Gdlotto offers you the perfect opportunity to turn your interest into a way of making money.

So, today we are going to go through 6 useful and easy to follow tips told by experts that will make your odds of winning pretty high.

  1. Familiarize Number Frequency:Numbers appearing on the screen most of the times are in a frequency. You can easily understand it as the number of times a certain digit appears under a period of time. Now, once you have an idea about the frequency of numbers, you can easily shortlist those numbers that are rather frequent than others. This will surely increase your chances of winning the game greatly.
  2. Go for Overdue Number:As mentioned earlier, every number has its frequency of coming up. So, the number that has an extremely higher frequency than the others are known as Overdue Numbers. These digits are the best bets for betters. So, it is advised to go with such numbers as they carry quite a low amount of risk.
  3. Choose numbers over 31:As per experts, it is seen that numbers above 31 have better chances of showing up rather than those below 31. So, you should pick a number above this figure up to the range of the table. This is a tactic which is being practised by a number of veterans. Thus, it is a great practice that you can follow too.
  4. Stick to a Lucky number:You surely have a lucky number just like everyone has. Although there are not any direct relations with this theory, you should stick to your lucky number. Gdlotto experts recommended players to do so as it is easier for them to keep track of the number showing up. Also, it will bring you a lot of joy when you will win with such digits.
  5. Don’t follow a pattern: Now, you must say that patterns are important and everyone should follow them in order to win Lotto games. But, not every time patterns are followed in the games. This is something that most of the people do not know and they get sunk in the storm of patterns. So, make sure to only follow them in a controlled manner and not always.
  6. Get extra tickets:Most of the players do not bet on more than one number and this is where experts and casual players can be distinguished. It is always recommended to bet on a couple of numbers and thus, you should keep extra tickets so that you can place a bet whenever you feel like it because once the window is closed, you will not get a chance to buy tickets.

These are the 6 tips and tricks that experts have tested and practice themselves. So, if you too are a player of Gdlotto, then try to follow these easy tips to increase your chances of winning.