When it comes to Sports Betting, Horse Race Betting is the most famous, traditional and classic activity among them. This is mainly because of early institutionalization and professionalization of the equestrian sport. Various online betting websites like Grand Dragon Casino, Citibet, and more provide multiple horse betting activities. Citibet has been the ultimate one-stop destination for horse betting activities in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries in the Asia Pacific. With Citibet, the bettors are provided with various betting facilities and comprehensive information on 3 main kinds of racing which includes harness racing, greyhound racing, and horse racing. The agents of Citibet help their clients by planning out successful strategies for them so that they can place bets on the horse which has the maximum chances of winning.

Benefit of Choosing Online Betting Through Citibet

There are various payment options that these betting websites offer. Citibet offers their clients the option of Internet banking, e-wallet, credit, and debit cards. The deposit method mostly used is Skrill.com where they accept deposits in forty-one different currencies. Skrill is an e-wallet service where money can be transferred by using credit, Master, or Visa cards and online bank transfers from various banks like Citibank, BNU, OCBC, UOSB, UOB, and more via Singapore’s e-gate payment methods. Customers can withdraw their profit from the Skrill wallet as well which is not at all a complicated process and does not take much time. All these online transactions are secured heavily to provide utmost protection to the bank credentials of the customer.

Some More Information About Betting Through Citibet Website

Citibet has been the ultimate Online Betting Singapore platform for casino among sports enthusiasts. They provide their clients with information regarding all the racing events which are happening in the world. This allows their clients to enjoy a basket full of information regarding their favorite event and make smart choices. This also helps them in scheduling their bets accordingly. In addition to that, they also report events by maintaining their chronological order which ensures that their clients are always updated with the latest events and happenings which are taking place.

Predict your results and bet!

This platform allows their clients to bet on a particular horse during even the off rings time and such bet submissions are accepted without any difficulty. This is a guaranteed activity which most of the online websites do not offer. Apart from that, their clients can also check the bets which the other players are placing to have a better understanding of the game and somewhat predict the results. The platform also offers its customers the opportunity of eating the ticket of another player which makes the activity more interactive and interesting than ever.

In case you are in search of a reliable Singapore Online Betting website which offers all the information that you might need for your horse betting activities, then Citibet is the best option for you. They are dedicated to satisfying their clients by providing them exciting and unique experience apart from the ongoing customer support.