Betting on horse racing is great for blowing off steam after a hard work week. It is entertaining and if luck favors help you win some cash too. However, the modern-day busy lifestyle often interferes with our recreations by keeping time on a tight leash. Thankfully, we have the virtual world as an alternative. There are online racing games that allow us to participate at any time, from any place conveniently.

These contributing factors have made online racing a favorite among betters. There are so many gaming platforms that offer that thrill, but the one that stands apart is Citibet. in this blog, we will highlight the factors that make it the best racing interface in the Singapore betting community.

What Makes Citibet so Good?

Citibet is your doorway to the virtual world of horse and greyhound racing. It maintains international standards and allows players to experience the lifelike thrill of race betting.


The first thing that comes to mind while describing the positives of Citibet is the convenience that it offers the players with. You can log in from anywhere in the world and place your bet on the horse or the greyhound of your choice. It can be while taking a break during office hours or while lounging on your patio sipping ice tea on a weekend. But that’s a given in the virtual world right? What make it even better is minimum lag issues. The logging in and loading happens fast and the game hardly wastes time in buffering unlike many of its contemporaries. This adds to the convenience of playing, offering a smooth and time-saving experience.

Attractive and Easy Interface

Citibet boasts of an amazing interface that will grab your interests in an instant. It has some of the best graphical works in place to give the player a thrilling experience while betting on a horse or greyhound race. The interface is available at multiple gaming platforms and works at its best in both web and app versions. The player gets well-managed assistance via email, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. The ease of the game makes it hassle-free for even an amateur to pick up on the tactics. The game is as good as watching a live horse race on an HD television.

Learn Race Betting while Winning Cash Fast

Citibet has a very interactive interface that helps the newcomer to improve his gaming skills. It comes with the option to think out good strategies to win big. The players get to choose their horses and play the complete race all while learning the winning techniques and ways to choose the best horse for the next game. And the best part is that you get to win cash against your bet that directly gets deposited in your registered account.

Citibet has all the qualities and thrills that you seek in a live game of horse or greyhound race. No wonder it is the crowning jewel of betting Singapore. Play it to experience it firsthand.