Online casinos have become rather popular, what with they clearly outscoring the land-based casinos in terms of cost effectiveness, variety offered, and the wide array of promotions and bonuses.

But how do we know which games are the best in terms of rewards? The choice can be difficult especially when you have plethora of options in the world of online casino Malaysia. This is why we’ve put together a list of some of the best online casino games doing the rounds.

Top Games to Play at Online Casino Malaysia

  1. Slots– The slots game has always been a particular favourite for casino players and its online version is equally popular. Each slots game comes with a unique and attractive theme and is extremely easy to play too. Remember the original fruit and bell symbols? They used to be 3-reeled at first but now come in 5-reeled and other multi-reeled slots too.
  • Blackjack –One of the most loved table games in the casino arena, Blackjack is a game that involves both luck and strategy. There’s hitting, standing, doubling, and splitting. If played with an effective strategy in place, players can turn the house edge to their favour.
  • Roulette – Another of the favourite online casino Malaysiagames, the hypnotic roulette wheel is familiar to all casino players worldwide. The game has two classic versions – the European Roulette and the American one. The latter offers a higher house edge because of its extra ‘00’ pocket.
  • Video poker – Based on the conventional 5-card draw poker, online video poker is slightly more tricky and one must master its strategies in order to win. And once you do, you can literally win some of the best casino odds.
  • Baccarat – This one draws large crowds too and is an equally good game for players with big or small bankrolls. You have to try and secure a ‘9’ in order to gain advantage of the winning odds at the game.
  • Sic Bo – Another online casino Malaysiagame that’s slowly gaining popularity among players is Sic Bo. The three dice game is also the easiest to play at the online casinos which explain its popularity.
  • Keno – Offering one of the highest house edges among other online casino games, this one’s more popular because of its highly simple rules of play and the odds at winning huge sums of money too.
  • Bingo – Strongly similar to lottery, Bingo allows its players to simply sit back, relax and play as you just need to keep marking the numbers as they get called out. Higher odds at winning too.


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